School is back in session, and many families have students going off to college. This is an exciting and hectic time for the students as well as the parents! Many college students living away from home want to bring their own things, as it’s more comfortable for them to be able to use their own “stuff.” This is where insurance comes in – it can be easy to overlook in all the hustle and bustle of getting your student settled in at the dorms or a new apartment, but as with any major life change, it’s a good idea to check your policies (Homeowners, Health and Auto) and be sure your coverage is complete.

Many Homeowners policies will cover personal belongings of a college student living in the dorms against standard losses – theft, fire, etc. However, some policies will only cover a percentage of the policy’s total limit for a child living away from home. Most college students these days have plenty of electronics, and you’ll want to be sure that those are covered, as well. Some policies require a rider to cover losses occurring from such typical mishaps as accidentally dropping a tablet computer, or soda spilling on a laptop. Other valuables, such as jewelry and musical instruments, may be better off left at home.

If your student is living off-campus, you may want to look into a Renters policy for them. Many Homeowners policies will not extend coverage for a separate residence. If your student is more than 100 miles away from home and taking a vehicle to campus, you may need to update your Auto policy, as well.

Reviewing and updating your policies to be sure that you and your student are covered while they are away at school is one way to help insure a safer, more secure college experience. Peace of mind is invaluable for parents sending their students off to school, especially for the first time. Making sure your student is covered is one less thing for parents to worry about while their child is away. Give us a call today…Our representatives can answer any coverage questions and recommend a policy that suits your family’s needs!