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“Dude, Where’s My Tow Truck?”

With the temperatures rising, the last place anyone wants to be is stranded on the side of the road. Unless you’re friends with a tow truck driver, make sure that your […]

It Could Happen To You: An Accident at Rita’s

Walter Whitford and his wife Suzy are both 42. They met at a friends BBQ just after graduating and got married 5 years later. They live close to their families […]

Insurance Declassified: E is for Extraordinary Medical Benefits

Getting into a car accident is a horrible experience. Getting injured in an accident and knowing you don’t have health care coverage adds an additional layer of stress to an […]

Insurance Declassified: D is for Distracted Driving

Distracted driving kills people. This is not an exaggeration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association have identified 3,179 individuals who were killed in distraction related crashes in 2014. That’s 10% of traffic fatalities in […]

Insurance Declassified: C is for Claim

No one ever expects to have to file an insurance claim. The process can be stressful, particularly if your claim is a result of an accident or severe weather. Outside […]

Insurance Declassified: A is for Accident

What would you do with 3 seconds? It doesn’t seem like much time, but in the case of an accident that three seconds can be the difference between a close […]

Is It Time To Call Your Agent?

Of course you know when you need to call your agent. After an accident, or a leaky dishwasher everyone knows the first person they want to call is their insurance […]

WIN Your Summer Road Trips With These Pet Safety Tips!

Your agents and friends here at Whitford Insurance Network love to travel. We’re also a group of avid dog lovers and beach bums! With the weather warming up outdoor activities […]

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Driving for Uber? Riding in an Uber car? What you don’t know……

There’s a country-wide debate going on  regarding who’s covering the driver of an Uber car and their passengers if there’s an auto accident.   Here’s a couple of articles that you […]

Teen Car Insurance Exton PA

Teen Car Insurance Exton PA Do you have a teenage driver that you need to get insurance for. Saving on teen car insurance can be surprisingly easy with these three […]