Jump Into Summer With These Pool Safety Tips!

For pool owners, with great weather comes great responsibility. As agents we advise that all families who have pools or spas carry Umbrella Liability coverage. This provides additional funds at […]

Don’t Be the Host with the Most Claims!

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us it’s time to break out those grills and invite some friends over! Make sure your good times keep rolling by avoiding social host claims. Check out […]

Insurance Declassified: A is for Accident

What would you do with 3 seconds? It doesn’t seem like much time, but in the case of an accident that three seconds can be the difference between a close […]

Don’t Lease a Bad Apartment

Everyone who has rented more than once has an apartment horror story. Maybe it was a nightmarish neighbor or leaky faucet, perhaps the floor wasn’t level or your “quiet yard” […]

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Winter Safety (and Peppermint Hot Chocolate)

. With snowstorms on the forecast we want to help make sure you spend your weekend in front of the fire & not on the phone with claims personnel. But […]

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Welcome to new employee

    Whitford Insurance Network welcomes Arlene McLaughlin.   Besides being the friendly voice that answers the phone, Arlene will be providing project assistance and office support in the agency.  Arlene is […]

Why Is It A Mistake To Assume All Insurance Carriers Are Equal?

Why Is It A Mistake To Assume All Insurance Carriers Are Equal? All insurance companies are not equal, and their products aren’t either. There are many companies out there with […]

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Do you need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Protector Plan

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3rd Generation of satisfied Whitford Insurance Customers

Parents, children and grandchildren.  Our loyal customers know that we do our best to provide them with excellent policy coverage at a great price.  They appreciate that our experienced customer […]