Disaster Preparedness

The Camping Catalogue

Even the most accomplished city-slicker can enjoy camping with these camping tips and tricks! Whitford Insurance Network has done the research for you. Avoid bugs, injuries and a whole host […]

Insurance Declassified: C is for Claim

No one ever expects to have to file an insurance claim. The process can be stressful, particularly if your claim is a result of an accident or severe weather. Outside […]

Save Money At Home Today!

How can you use this afternoon to save a ton of money? In just a few minutes you can prevent tens of thousands of dollars in potential damage and save hundreds […]

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Storm coming? Be prepared! 5 tips to help you get ready.

Storm season is quickly approaching and can have devastating effects on your home and personal property. Here at Whitford Insurance Network we love hearing from our clients, but we never enjoy […]

“Know Your Stuff” To Protect Your Family

Trying to remember all of the things in your home after a loss, especially a catastrophic loss such as a fire or flood, can compound an already stressful situation. You […]

Be Prepared For Any Emergency

Does your family have an emergency preparedness plan? With a new iPhone application from the Insurance Information Institute (http://www.iii.org/), you can not only find valuable information on disaster preparedness, but […]

Have You Considered Flood Insurance?

Hurricane season is getting into full swing on the East Coast. While we don’t have as many hurricanes here in the northeast as they do down in Florida, we do […]

Home Insurance Philadelphia: How to Winterize a House

This video from home insurance philadelphia provides tips on how to winterize a home in order to prepare for freezing weather

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After Irene: How to Handle Your Insurance Claims

Though Hurricane Irene did not end up being as terrible as some had feared, the damage in many areas is still very significant. If your home or business property has […]

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Hurricane Irene Preparations

Tips from FEMA to help you prepare for Hurricane Irene.