Natural Disasters

Securing Fall Trees

Before the wind blows, secure your trees and shrubs The seasons are changing, and the colors of autumn abound. Regrettably, fall’s stunning display is often accompanied by some unwelcome weather […]

When Water Goes Where It Shouldn’t

Even a small water leak can become a major problem, so knowing what you’re covered for and how to prevent water damage are equally important. The tips below should help […]

Insurance Declassified: I is for Inventory

I’d like to try a quick exercise with you. Without looking, could you list every item currently in your garage? Your shed? How about your closet? For those of you […]

Hurricane Season Checklist

Hurricane season runs from the June 1st to November 30th. It’s especially important for homeowners or tenants to review their insurance coverage during this season. Use the following checklist to review! […]

The Camping Catalogue

Even the most accomplished city-slicker can enjoy camping with these camping tips and tricks! Whitford Insurance Network has done the research for you. Avoid bugs, injuries and a whole host […]

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Are Sharknadoes Covered? Read Full Story!

Would a Homeowners’ Policy cover a sharknado? Yes, according to the Insurance Information Institute, which fielded that question following the Syfy channel’s airing of the campy “Sharknado” movie and the […]

Be Prepared For Any Emergency

Does your family have an emergency preparedness plan? With a new iPhone application from the Insurance Information Institute (, you can not only find valuable information on disaster preparedness, but […]

Have You Considered Flood Insurance?

Hurricane season is getting into full swing on the East Coast. While we don’t have as many hurricanes here in the northeast as they do down in Florida, we do […]

Home Insurance Philadelphia: How to Winterize a House

This video from home insurance philadelphia provides tips on how to winterize a home in order to prepare for freezing weather

Where To Find a Used Car And What To Look For

This video provides tips on where to find a used car and what to look for when buying a used car. Some tips for avoiding purchasing cars that have been […]