Whether you’re heading to a Caribbean Island or back to your Alma Mater for a friends nuptials, destination weddings are becoming more common. Traveling can be stressful, but a big event at the end of a journey can make even the most seasoned traveler wary. Check out the following tips to prevent destination disasters or embarrassing faux pas from clouding your memory of a beautiful time!

Before You Leave

  • Pack a Black Tie Emergency Kit. Include an extra tie or jewelry, sewing kit or safety pins, bobby pins, dryer sheets to beat static or deodorant stains, and a tide pen.
  • Pack an event appropriate “back up” outfit in your carry on. Don’t risk having showing up in an ill fitting or inappropriate outfit because your luggage got lost and there’s no mall in sight.
  • Consider travel insurance. Many resorts and hotels will not refund a cancelled stay during their peak seasons. Travel Insurance is also great if you have to change your travel arrangements due to an emergency. We offer an annual Travel Policy, a great investment if you’re headed to a few weddings this year!
  • Consider having your gift shipped directly to the bride and groom to avoid extra luggage in transit.
  • Inform the couple of any food allergies so they can make arrangements for your seating and meals well in advance. Waiting until cocktail hour to mention to the bride that you’re highly allergic to shellfish is the stuff wedding nightmares are made of.

While You’re There

  • Try to arrive early. There is nothing more stressful than being stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar place knowing you have to be somewhere within the hour.
  • Avoid added expenses. Pack a bottle of your favorite and some snacks in a checked bag so you can avoid spending more on mini fridge items.
  • Unless specifically stated on your invitation, leave your plus 1 at home.  You’ve been invited to spend a special day in a beautiful location, and the couple has carefully planned their reception. It’s extremely rude to expect them to rearrange seating and plating at the last minute. This includes children as well; make sure you have a back up sitter lined up.
  • Don’t post without permission! That picture of the bride in her dress that you posted on Instagram and Facebook before she has walked down the aisle? Delete it. Right now.

Before You Leave

  • Help the bride and groom. Do you see a guest who clearly shouldn’t be driving? Order them an Uber. Is the brides grandmother looking confused? Help her locate a relative. See a confrontation brewing? Warn the bartender so they aren’t adding more fuel to the fire.  Help the happy couple keep their focus where it belongs: on each other.
  • Thank the couple and their parents. They’ve included you in a joyous occasion at a beautiful destination, be sure to mention that you’re thrilled to have been included (even if you really might not be). This should occur before you leave. If you were someone’s guest, don’t forget to thank your host in addition to the couple.
  • Give yourself an extra day to explore! You’ve come all this way, don’t leave before you’ve checked out the local attractions.

And remember, Whitford Insurance Network offers a full line of event and Wedding Insurance for all your special days!