Exton PA Dangers of Texting While Driving

Have a teenage driver in your house? Use these three simple questions to discuss with them the dangers of texting while driving.

Ask your teen if they’ve ever been in a car when someone using a cell phone posed a danger to other people.

Sometimes teenagers don’t see the connection between their behavior and the potential negative consequences of their behavior. If you can get them thinking about dangerous situations involving texting while driving they are more likely to think about that when they are tempted to do it.

Ask your teen what their commitment is to keeping safe on the road.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your teen wants to make you proud. So when they commit to you that they will stay safe on the road they are more likely to follow through.

Ask your teen what they think the consequences should be if they use their cell phone while driving.

Most teenagers are reasonable if you ask them to set up their own limits in advance. The key here is to ask the question and then listen. Work together until you come up with an agreement and then make sure to enforce it.

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