Do you have a teen driver in your household? Making sure your child is a safe
teen driver is the most important priority for almost every family. But teen driver
safety can have the added benefit of helping to lower your insurance costs.

One way to promote safe driving is to require your child to pay some of the
insurance premium. Kids with “skin in the game” usually operate vehicles more
carefully. Teens who pay their share of the family insurance know that if they
are reckless or careless, when the rates go up, that’s more money out of their

They’re also less likely to let their friends drive their car. This is more common
than you think…a surprising number of auto claims are from policyholders who
weren’t driving the car when the damage was done! These claims get paid, but
it’s then the parents who end up with a surcharge – often up to three years.

Having your teen driver share in the cost of their insurance will help them
become a more responsible driver, and lowers the chances that you will have to
pay for someone else’s careless mistake.

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