We’re you’re insurance agents, but we’re also your friends and neighbors! We’ve come up with this quick list that can help you and your family maximize your savings this season!

  1. Double check¬†your e-mails! Unsubscribe from any services you no longer enjoy or utilize, those $1.49 a month apps can add up quickly. Also, scammers step up their game as the holiday’s approach, so always be wary of the e-mail attachments you open. Double check with a friend if you’ve received an unexpected file from them, and be wary of e-mails coming from your bank or stores you frequent. If the businesses are asking for your personal information, there’s a chance it’s a scammer in disguise!
  2. Winterize your home! Fall is a great time to clean your furnace filter and dryer exhaust pipe, make necessary roof repairs and add weather stripping to windows and doors. The better prepared your home is, the lower your energy bill will be! Don’t forget to replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries!
  3. Audit your spending! How you spend your money when you have down-time in the summer is a great predictor of how you’ll spend for the holidays. By auditing your budget now, you can identify ways to save and avoid a budget crunch around the holidays.
  4. Maintain your auto! Keeping your oil clean and tires filled can save you thousands on repairs. Check your anti-freeze and windshield wipers now, and add new wiper blades, so no seasonal storms catch you by surprise! Stock up on anti-freeze and salt before the temperature drops and you’ll see some savings too.
  5. Check your insurance policy! Disability and life insurance is never a cheery topic, so do your annual review now to help you relax and enjoy the season. If you have a student graduating this winter, it may be time to consider a term life policy to cover the cost of any student loans or auto payments.