Walter Whitford and his brother found a great deal on a beach house in Avalon, New Jersey and decided to purchase it as a birthday gift to their wives. They purchased it for a song during the housing crisis and use it as a vacation and investment property throughout the Summer and Fall. The property is rented weekly and every other weekend the two families pack their bags and head down for a visit. They attend local events, enjoy delicious restaurants and love taking long bike rides to their favorite Ice Cream place in Stone Harbor. As Walter and his wife leave church one morning, they’re looking for a parking spot on their block. While driving, Mrs. Whitford is discussing their daughter Marie starting high school and turns to ask if she’d like to go shopping for some back to school clothing before they head home that afternoon. As she turns, she doesn’t notice a bicyclist come out from between two cars. The cyclist is looking the other way, speaking to a member of their group, and doesn’t notice he has entered the Whitford’s lane.

By the time Mrs. Whitford realizes, it’s too late. The cyclist is permanently disabled and the Whitford’s are sued. After being found liable a $1,000,0000 judgment is assigned for the cyclists ongoing medical bills and therapy costs. Lawyer fees and court costs for the Whitford’s result in an additional $100,000 in fees. Fortunately, at the time of the accident, the Whitford’s had a $1,000,000 Personal Umbrella policy that they paid just under $250 for. Their auto insurance responds for the first $500,000 and the remaining costs, including lawyer payments, are covered by their Umbrella. Their credit and assets are preserved after the judgment and do not have to incur exorbitant credit card charges in order to pay their lawyer; their children’s college funds and their own 401(k) are not liquidated. How much is peace of mind worth to you? Call your Agent for an Umbrella quote today!