Walter Whitford and his wife Suzy are both 42. They met at a friends BBQ just after graduating and got married 5 years later. They live close to their families so that their 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter can spend time with their cousins, who are all close in age. Their son, Joshua, plays baseball and their daughter Marie enjoys swimming and complaining about her piano lessons. As a family they enjoy day trips, cooking together, and getting together with their cousins. After Joshua’s baseball games the Whitford’s meet Walter’s brother and his two children for water ice and pretzels at their local Rita’s. It’s one of their favorite summertime traditions, and often includes other neighbors and teammates.

After a particularly rousing little league victory Joshua and his two teammates are taken to Rita’s by Mr. and Mrs. Whitford, who will be meeting the rest of the team in the parking lot. The boys are excited, singing loudly to songs on the radio and full of energy, rough housing in their seats in back of the minivan. While Mr. Whitford enters the Rita’s parking lot he is distracted by a baseball cap landing on the arm rest of his seat. At the same time, another patron of Rita’s is texting and hasn’t noticed that her 9 year old son is skipping around the parking lot behind her, in the path of Mr. Whitford’s vehicle.

The child survives, but Mr. Whitford is sued. After 5 years of litigation a settlement of $750,000 is assigned. He has incurred $90,000 additional in court costs and lawyer fees. Fortunately, at the time of the accident, Mr. Whitford has a Personal Umbrella policy for $1 million dollars, that he paid under $400 a year for! He files a claim and the judgment is covered by his insurance policies, preserving Josh and Marie’s college fund and Mr. and Mrs. Whitford’s 401(k). How much is peace of mind worth to you? Contact your agent about insuring your future with a Personal Umbrella quote today.