Hurricane season is getting into full swing on the East Coast. While we don’t have as many hurricanes here in the northeast as they do down in Florida, we do get plenty of heavy summer storms – and the effects of some of these hurricanes can be felt in weather patterns several states away. Plenty of local homeowners have seen these storm systems do damage to their homes and properties. Not to mention the summer rain we get here can be quite the downpour, hurricane or no!

You may think, “Well, that’s what I have Homeowners Insurance for!” But what many people don’t realize, is that most Homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. Flood Insurance is the only way to cover damage from a flood.

If you live in a Special Flood Hazard Area, an area near water, low-lying, or otherwise prone to floods, you likely already have Flood Insurance. Federally insured mortgages require it. But it’s important to consider that flooding can occur even if you do not reside near a major body of water. Flash floods, heavy rains, even a small stream overflowing nearby can all cause flood damage.

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