Getting into a car accident is a horrible experience. Getting injured in an accident and knowing you don’t have health care coverage adds an additional layer of stress to an already terrible situation. Fortunately, your auto insurance is here to help!

Your auto policy carries First Party Benefits, which is the coverage afforded to an insured and any children while they are in a vehicle. They also respond in the event an insured is hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian! Typically companies offer up to $100,000 in medical coverage at an extremely negligible premium. Unfortunately with the astronomical costs of health care and the severity of injuries during an accident, $100,000 may not be enough. Fortunately there is an additional option, Extraordinary Medical Benefits. With this coverage on your policy you are afforded up to $1,000,000 of coverage for your medical care after an accident!

This coverage is priceless for those who do not health insurance. However, the uninsured are not the only ones who seek to get major benefits from this coverage. Anyone who enjoys spending an afternoon on their motorcycle should consider adding this coverage to their policy. Even people who have health insurance can benefit from this coverage. By using the medical benefits provided by your auto coverage you avoid the enormous deductibles for emergency or specialist care that a health insurance policy would have. Simply pay your collision deductible, submit your medical bills to your agent and breath a sigh of relief! Whitford Insurance Network will handle the rest.