For many, nothing is better than a day on the course! In many ways, you’re able to tailor your insurance to your love of the game. For experienced golfers, a lifetime of collecting clubs and equipment can lead to an expensive golf bag. With your homeowner’s policy you’re able to schedule these items. In the event your bag is lost or stolen those items could be replaced without having to pay a deductible! For the less experienced golfer, a slice that goes through a window or windshield would be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Your homeowner’s policy also responds to cover damage related to use or ownership of a golf cart while on a course or within a golfing community. If your golf cart is used on public roads, a very affordable golf cart policy is available.

Another great coverage option is our annual travel policy. Having to miss a trip due to illness or bad weather is not fun; don’t get stuck with a bill for a cancelled trip. The golf package includes annual coverage for green fees, recreational equipment delay and recreational vehicle damage. Another great coverage they offer is Hole-in-One coverage; up to $200 for food or beverage purchased at a restaurant affiliated with your course or club in the event of a hole in one celebration. This cover any golf trips you take during the annual period, but would also include coverage for other family trips as well.  When planning a golf tournament for work or pleasure, consider a 1 day event insurance policy. This provides additional  liability coverage if your clients or friends will be drinking, as well as other great protections for any prizes or event particulars. Click here for an event insurance quote or contact us for an annual travel policy quote today!