Your agents and friends here at Whitford Insurance Network love to travel. We’re also a group of avid dog lovers and beach bums! With the weather warming up outdoor activities start to take priority. What better companion than our four legged friends? Make sure Fido is safe from doorstep to destination with these helpful driving safety tips!

1. Always use crash tested crates! Make sure you select the appropriate size, leaving enough room for your dog to turn around. Aluminum and plastic reinforced with fiberglass are the most durable. Opt for crash bags inside the crate to protect Fido in the event of sudden stops. If your dog hates crates, try an auto harness!
2. Take more frequent breaks! Traveling with pets is a bit like traveling with small children. Dogs need to stop every 2 to 3 hours to stretch their legs and do their business. This benefits you too; fatigue combined with a doggy distraction is a recipe for disaster.
3. Turn off power windows! Don’t let an accidental step turn into an escaped pet, or a choking hazard.
4. Stay hydrated! Bring water and a bowl (your cupped hand will also do in a pinch). Consider packing a bowl and extra bottle of water in your car as a part of your emergency kit.
5. Pack a “fence” in your trunk! Free up your hands when you take your pet to hang outside at a friends by packing a lead and yard anchor in your trunk. In the event of an accident this also comes in handy as you can tether your pet away from your disabled vehicle and the roadway! Please note that it is better to attach the lead to a harness; a collar can present a choking hazard if the dog becomes too excited.
6. Don’t forget to include your pets in disaster planning! If your travels take you to an area that experiences extreme weather, or you live in a hurricane/tornado zone, click here for more information!