How much cash do you keep in your home? Do you have an emergency bag tucked away in the back of a closet? It’s something people rarely ever consider, but in the event of a fire would there be enough coverage on your policy for your cash or securities? Your homeowner’s policy only provides a certain amount of coverage to reimburse you for cash, if you have more than that amount in your house you may want to reconsider. There are a few steps you can take, like keeping the money in a fireproof box, but the risks really outweigh the benefits.

You should also check your policy limits for coverage on money in your wallet or purse. People who travel frequently, or have a higher likelihood of carrying more cash, should make sure that their limits are in tune with their projected activities. Additionally, people who have a higher net worth should have that reflected in their identity theft coverage limits. In the event someone gains access to your accounts, you want to be sure that you can recoup as much as possible.

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