My son/daughter is leaving for college.  Do I need to do anything with my insurance?

In general, your homeowner’s policy will still cover your child’s belongings and liability while they are living in an on-campus dorm or university- provided off campus housing.  (If they will be living in a privately leased apartment, call our office to find out how your specific policy will respond.).

Our clients routinely ask uswill the laptop, Ipod, television and other expensive electronics that our kids take to college be covered if stolen? Usually yes, but your homeowners’ deductible will apply.  The typical theft at college—the MP3 player is pocketed during a dorm party or someone walks off with the laptop.  The best advice you can give your kids—LOCK THEIR DOORS.  Get a laptop lock and keep their computer locked when it’s in their room.  Tell them not to leave their Ipods laying on their beds, or the XBOX in plain sight.   Check out the following websites for more information on college safety. or to see how your son’s or daughter’s campus ranks and to find great safety tips.

Don’t forget your auto insurance!  If your child will be away at school over 100 miles from home without a car, many of our companies offer deep DISCOUNTS on your auto insurance rates.   Those tuition payments hurt, but It’s nice to find out that your auto premium may go down now that your child is not driving every day!