We’ve all heard the phrase “sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me”. Today, those names or unfriendly comments are kept alive by posts and re-tweets. Even private text messages can be saved and shared with a screenshot. This is a problem for parents, who can be held legally responsible for their child’s statements or actions. Posts made about classmates or teachers can become lawsuits. With the media focus on “cyber bullying” this will become far more common. This can lead to large out of pocket settlement and legal expenses. Fortunately, adding Personal Injury coverage your homeowner’s policy can protect your family.

In the event you are sued for libel or slander, personal injury coverage protects you from out of pocket expenses. These can include court costs, legal fees and settlements in the event a judgment is made. Landlords, members of boards, coaches and business owners should all have this coverage. All it takes is one hot headed comment to find yourself in a suit. Even if there is not a judgment against you, the fees leading to your day in court climb quickly. Of course, this coverage is not going to apply in the event of deliberate harassment. This coverage is for those innocent statements that go a tad too far.  A child posting about a teacher they dislike, or an off-hand statement about an acquaintance. Personal Injury coverage will also respond in the event you’re sued for wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, wrongful entry or false arrest. This is very important for landlords or anyone subletting their property. Don’t fall victim to a lawsuit and have to pay out of pocket. Protect your family and increase your peace of mind today! All it takes is a quick call to your agent to add Personal Injury coverage to your homeowner’s or renter’s policy today.