Safety pays in the workplace. While we provide and tailor insurance products and policies to protect your business in the event of a claim, we also have resources available to help your company avoid a possible claim. It is impossible for a business owner to identify all of the risk factors facing their business alone.

Keystone Insurers Group has an exclusive relationship with East Coast Risk Management (ECRM). East Coast is a risk management consulting firm that provides risk management solutions tailored to a company’s specific needs. East Coast is your solution to best protect your employees and assets, and ECRM’s services are available to all of our clients.

  1. East Coast assigns a dedicated claims representative to your company with extensive expertise handling work related injuries.
  2. Your dedicated East Coast Claims team is your advocate in the claims process and their ultimate goal is getting the most optimal claim result for YOU.
  3. This turn-key program results in better claims outcomes for you, which leads to lower experience mods, which leads to lower Work Comp insurance costs.

  1. OSHA Compliance Audits and Hazard Assessments
  2. Development and Implementation of a customized safety Program
  3. Industrial hygiene services – noise level, air quality, respirator fit testing
  4. Safety Committee facilitation
  5. DOT Compliance services
  6. Safety Training

  1. Employee Handbook Review and Development
  2. HR Compliance Audit
  3. Employee and Supervisor Trainings
  4. FMLA and Non-FMLA Leave Administration
  5. Recruiting
  6. HR Helpline

Below is a list of examples of how ECRM has partnered and helped our
current client base:

  • A manufacturing client of ours employs East Coast to complete quarterly risk management surveys at their various locations across the country. The risk management then completes and distributes a “scorecard” of the results to incentivize safety in the different facilities.
  • One of our contracting clients employs East Coast to handle and manage all of their FMLA and non-FMLA administration items. This was a pain point for the HR manager, and now she is able to turn over all of these items to East Coast to manage.
  • A contracting client utilizes the HR Hotline to ask “hiring/firing” questions when needed to one of the HR attorneys on staff at East Coast.
  • A manufacturing client completed a safety audit from East Coast and utilized all of the recommendations East Coast laid out in their detailed report.
  • East Coast reviewed the Employee Handbook for one of our engineering clients and implemented the recommendations provided.
  • Many of our clients utilize the Claims Management Program and have seen their experience mod drop over the years while spending less time having to deal with Work Comp claims. They are able to spend more focusing on their business while East Coast manages the Work Comp claim from minute one until the claim is closed.

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