Is your teen a safe driver? In previous videos, we’ve given you tips to maximize
your coverage while helping your teen to become a better, safer driver. While
having your teen take a driver safety course, and requiring them to pay some of
the insurance premium are things that your teen can do to contribute, there are
steps that you can take to help lower your insurance costs, as well.

One thing you can do is use an independent insurance agent to develop a policy
for your family. Independent agents represent many different companies, giving
you more competitive policy choices. Of course you want the best protection for
the least amount of money… Dealing with an independent agent will provide you
with a range of choices in price and coverage. Your agent will be able to help you
determine which policy is right for your family.

There’s no getting around it, having a teen driver in your household can be
expensive. That’s why it’s even more important to carefully examine all of your
options to maximize your coverage.

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