Teen driver safety is a top priority for families with a teen driver. But most families also have a budget they have to meet. We have strategies to save you money while maximizing your coverage.

One money-saving tip is to be sure that your insurance company only adds your teen driver to your policy AFTER they are fully licensed. We hear from many people whose current insurance company has added their teen to the family policy while they are still on a learner’s permit. This can be expensive, but what they don’t tell you is…it’s not necessary!
Most policies will cover a driver on a learner’s permit, as long as the driver is with a licensed adult. Since having a legally licensed adult present in the vehicle is a rule of the learner’s permit, that requirement is already met!

Some insurance companies try to “require” that teen drivers be added to the policy before they are fully licensed. If this has happened to you, visit SaveOnTeenInsurance.com or give us a call at 1-855-4-Teen-Auto. We can help you examine all your options for insuring your teen driver.