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Insurance Declassified: D is for Distracted Driving

Distracted driving kills people. This is not an exaggeration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association have identified 3,179 individuals who were killed in distraction related crashes in 2014. That’s 10% of traffic fatalities in […]

Insurance Declassified: A is for Accident

What would you do with 3 seconds? It doesn’t seem like much time, but in the case of an accident that three seconds can be the difference between a close […]

Teen Drivers Ed and Your Insurance Rates in Exton PA

Can Teen Drivers Ed Help You Save on Car Insurance? The answer is that it depends on the course your teen driver takes. In this video we outline the different […]

Is Your Child A Responsible Teen Driver?

In this video, we share tips for helping your child become a more responsible, safe teen driver. If you found this video helpful, you can get more information on how […]

Defensive Driving For Your Teen Driver

Defensive Driving For Your Teen Driver  Is Driver’s Ed Enough? Your teen could benefit from a Defensive Driving course in Exton PA. Help your teen become one of the many […]