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Are You A Distracted Driver? Driver Safety Exton PA

It’s not just young drivers who are guilty of distracted driving…even experienced drivers have been known to text, talk, eat, and multi-task behind the wheel. If you’ve got a teen […]

Safe Driving Exton PA: Save On Teen Driver Insurance

Is your teen a safe driver? In previous videos, we’ve given you tips to maximize your coverage while helping your teen to become a better, safer driver. While having your […]

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What is Auto Insurance Coverage? De-mistifying the jargon..

Click on the link to access important explanations of auto insurance coverage available in Pennsylvania.

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Fall Driving Safety Quiz

Cold frosty mornings, wet leaves on the road and deer popping up out of nowhere can create special driving hazards in the autumn.  Take the Travelers  fall driving safety quiz to see […]

My kid left for college, what do I need to do with my insurance?

My son/daughter is leaving for college.  Do I need to do anything with my insurance? In general, your homeowner’s policy will still cover your child’s belongings and liability while they […]

Useful tips for purchasing insurance products

The term “comptus emptor” means buyer beware in Latin.  This phrase can be used under many circumstances where purchases of complicated or big ticket items are concerned.  The PA insurance […]