Of course you know when you need to call your agent. After an accident, or a leaky dishwasher everyone knows the first person they want to call is their insurance agent. However there are a lot of other times contacting your agent can offer huge benefits. Here’s a few rules of thumb to help you get the most out of your annual premiums!

You should always call your agent when…

  • You’ve done renovations! Does that new alarm system get you a discount? Should you increase the coverage on your homeowner’s after a remodel? Is your new shed covered properly? You’ll never know if you don’t call us. More importantly we won’t know, and can’t keep an eye out for important details of your coverage.
  • You’re thinking about moving! Apartment or house hunting; is your dream house still your dream house if its zip code causes your auto insurance premium to jump up? Don’t get caught by surprise after you’ve already signed a lease or agreement.
  • You have entered a new phase in your life! Getting married? Retiring? Your agent can help you navigate the transition more smoothly. No one wants to be surprised when they’re testing the limits of a new budget!
  • You’ve made a big purchase! Maybe it’s a new diamond bracelet, an expensive camera, or a new set of golf clubs. Maybe it’s that classic dream car you’ve always wanted, or a new boat. Make sure you have the correct policy to meet your needs by calling your agent as soon as possible after a large purchase.

You should probably call your agent when…

  • You’re car shopping! We can quote different year, makes or models and help you decide the best vehicle to fit your budget. We don’t believe your dream car should come with a surprise price tag and we’re always here to help.
  • You’re going on vacation! Taking an all inclusive trip with the whole family? Traveling more as you retire? Going to a lot of weddings this summer? Call your agent! Travel insurance is an affordable way to prevent any lost funds as a result of illness or disaster in the event your trip runs into trouble.
  • Your children are going to college! More than 100 miles away from home without a car? There’s a discount for that. If they do have a car, their apartment address may give a cheaper rate on their vehicle than your home address. If you don’t call we’ll never know!

We always love to hear from you and assist with all your insurance questions! As a full service agency we can help with life insurance, health insurance, home and auto coverage as well as a full line of specialty and business insurance.  Take a look at our Agency Directory to find your agent or account manager today!