What is auto insurance coverage? Want help de-mystifying auto insurance jargon?

Do you know the difference between uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?

How about third party property damage?

Well,  here’s a link to a VERY good web site that actually describes coverage options in a way most people understand.  Please keep in mind that the discussion is sponsored by Travelers.  However, the topics are universal to all auto policies for sale in Pennsylvania.  After viewing this short interactive program you should have a much better understanding of important coverages.  If you still have questions please call our office  for further help.  Please note:  some of the personal questions concerning asset value are germane to the issue of coverage.  By answering these questions, you will be guided to coverage options specifically tailored to your needs.

This is an anonymous instructional video.  Your answers cannot be shared. 

Please click on this link to access the program.